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The Audio Creator presents


Mark Hall Voiceover


London Voiceover Artist

Fast - Accurate - Enthusiastic

An experienced London voiceover artist, Mark is also founder of sound production hub The Audio Creator.

Mark is currently the voiceover for Nationwide Building Society - Live, Bacardi, GL Exam Assesments , HSBC and Dubai Taxis. Mark has over 20 years national radio experience at Classic FM, LBC, The Heart Network and Gold with his work heard weekly by over 13 million people

MarK hall Founder of The Audio Creator
Quick Listen

Custom Voice Demo? No problem! If you need to hear how your project will sound just ask!


Voiceover and Sound Creation Agency


Finding the right voiceover talent for your project will make all the difference to the result. Mark Hall is an experienced UK voice-over with many years of experience, this will help to ensure you find the right style to fit your project brief.


Voiceover Recordings and Sound Creation


Our voice recording will sound clean and crisp, and this is because our studios facilities have been acoustically treated and built to a high standard.


To speed up the recording process, and reduce the need for retakes, our voiceover experts use Pro-Tools technology. This saves time during the recording process and reduces the sessions overall duration and therefore cost. We may record your session as a ‘wild' recording, as well as lip-sync or phrase-sync to a particular frame. If you are able to supply pictures for your voice-over project, then we can make sure everything fits to the exact time too saving the need for retakes and further sessions.


Services we offer at Markhallvoice agency


With many years’ experience in the industry, we've helped customers with a wide range of projects by offering high-quality voice-overs and production assistance. Read on to learn more about the many forms of content we specialize in.


Explainer videos


Explainer videos have recently grown in popularity, with many businesses producing them to clearly and engagingly demonstrate a product or service to the general public.

The narrator you use for your explainer video is one of the most important choices. Getting the right tone and style for your video is essential, your voice needs to be convincing, and selecting the right voice-over artist for your video is crucial. The voice-over artist you hire should be able to express and interpret your new product or service clearly and confidently. The narration must accurately represent your company's culture and should have a distinct and recognizable voice that is in tone with your brand and/or product.




With their increasing success, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making your podcast. Podcasts are a perfect way to engage with your listeners without them having to look at a computer or phone, you are directly talking to them in their ears. It's a brilliant way to engage. At Markhallvoice we can record voice-overs for your podcast intro or outros, we can record commercial messages too.


Remember when recording your podcast make sure you have a quiet space and that there are lots of soft furnishings around. This helps the voice-over recording to sound clean and clear. When listening to a podcast, the whole emphasis is on the audio, so it must be of excellent quality.


Our Voice over agency provides voice-overs for training and narrations, E-Learning and Educational Voice-overs, and many more.


Why choose Markhallvoice for Voice-overs


You may be wondering why I should choose the Markhallvoice-over agency for your voice. We are able to turn around a fast and personal serve for you. Often within hours of your request for a session it can be complete and back with you.


Assurance of Quality


Our voice-over experience means we can spot potential script problems, offer suggestions for phrases that might sound better, and we can give you a variety of styles to make sure you get the right read for you.


We also offer a voice-over demo service too. The Markhallvoice agency has found that many companies need to hear a sample of their project in order to get it 'over the line'. With budgets tight companies and managers are constantly looking for the best value and absolutely only want to do the job once. If you need a short sample of your project to be recorded - no problem, happy to help!

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