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Bad breath can ruin your production... and its so lazy.

I’m pretty obsessed with ‘proper’ editing and I’m amazed at how many pieces of content I’m hearing with lazy edits. A decent producer can edit, that is a given, but there is more to it than that.

The style of your edit can determine the feel of your production. For a book read or podcast you’ll probably leave the breaths in and take our just the noise so that the piece feels natural and flows. If it’s a commercial for sofas most likely all the breaths will come out you’ll tighten it up and it sounds more energetic and fast moving.

What there is no excuse for is just lazy chopping. Listening to a national radio station the other day I was amazed to hear four edits pass by that had double breaths - easily done of you are not paying attention - two takes edited together but you accidentally leave the breath from both and not just one. This is a shame because as well as sounding sloppy it also gives the game away you are listening to a pre record. It also opens up doubt - did that person really say that? What was cut out? What have I missed?

Don’t settle for bad breaths but do listen out for it. Now you have thought about it you’ll spot it and it’s really frustrating !

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