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Nothing But Great Content.... WOW!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

When I first saw this promo I was amazed. Don't get me wrong, its beautifully produced, great clips, nicely visually graded but 'nothing but great content"?

When did the word content become a way of selling great telly programmes and shiny floor entertainment shows? This is not a direct criticism, more an acknowledgment of where we have been and where we are going. The thought process that to engage with a core audience your best word is now 'content' and not 'shows, drama or just programmes'.

If you take a look back on youtube at ITV from even ten years ago at looks very different. The was the very purple Daybreak and the very shouty Jeremy Kyle. It was still called ITV 1 - a rebrand that clearly became totally pointless as 'content' became more important.

This really is a good moment, actually excuse, to mention that ten years ago ITV was still in it's car park of news. Looking outstanding at the time, now , just like a car park!

In just ten years everything has changed. ITV presentation looks fresh, engaging, targeted at the market with great modernity. The voice artists on the channel are now real; accented continuity announcers - real people. Voiceovers on promos from all over the UK, again real people. Production and end boards - slick and smooth.

Our biggest commercial broadcaster is no longer a TV channel - it is a content creator. As the years go by many of us don't notice these changes in the industry we serve, some wonder why the bookings are drying up. Media on all platforms is changing and adapting. I'm wondering just how far off we are from hearing a BBC Radio 4 newsreader that says 'haitch'?

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