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MarK hall Founder of The Audio Creator


This voice demo page will quickly help you locate the style of voice you are looking for. With experience in commercials, branding, promos, explainer videos and more it's all here.

General Demo 2022
00:00 / 01:05
General Narration Demo
00:00 / 00:51
HSBC Commercials
00:00 / 01:11
Nationwide Building Society
00:00 / 01:29
Explainer Video Narrations
00:00 / 00:59
Medical Explainers
00:00 / 01:12

Sometimes you just need to hear how your choice of voice is going to sound before making the final decision, no problem. Sometimes you need to get your budget signed off before making your choice, no problem. Just email a few details of your project and up to three lines of your text and a custom voice demo will be with you shortly.


Each voice-over demo reel on shows different styles of vocal delivery.  Mark has worked as a voice director and is a trained audio engineer which also helps to visualise the style and performance that will be best for your job.

These voice-over demos give an accurate depiction of Mark's vocal repertoire and acting/performance skills. 

For various forms of voice-over jobs and projects there are pretty common types of voice-over samples which you can hear above. You might need a professional and personal demo to sell to a potential client. For example this could be a custom voice-over demo for an  audio book sample,  or a bespoke section of a voice-over narration for an online project  The duration of the demo is also determined by the type of demo but usually thirty seconds to two minutes. Narration, animation, video games, IVR, business narration, and radio promo's are only a few examples of demos we can custom produce for you at

In our experience often companies try to cut corners by getting somebody in the office to do the voice-over. Sometimes this can work out but not often, many years of studio experience have shown us that this usually results in a job that is far from the best it can be. Your team may have spent many hours creating the visuals and graphics, don't let it down at the very last stage with a poor voice-over. Click above for a custom voice-over demo if you feel this would really help to bring your project to life and sell the idea to the others in your department or the person that holds the budgets - it's not a problem  The final job gives you one chance to make a good impression - be sure to make the most of it. 

When you choose your voice-over it is important to make sure your script is deliverable in a convincing manner. Some voice-overs will try to use many different regional accents or offer a trans Atlantic version or European accent. We believe it is important to  concentrate on your strongest skills and so will only perform your voice- over in a style we can cofnidently and competency promise to deliver - there is nothing worse than when you can hear a voice-over putting on an accent and not pulling it off - this destroys their and your credibility when you present the work!. It's a good idea to strive to be the best at editing, mastering, and distributing as well. Leave it to the experts in that sector!  At Markhallvoice we have an extensive knowledge of editing and producing voice-over work too. If you need help with the final edit, not a problem. we can edit down your final takes and deliver as a ready to use file or a series files to upload to your presentation or slides. 

Almost all voice-overs are now conducted remotely, thanks to advances in technology. To post to websites, the voice-over should be recorded and uploaded as a high-quality .WAV file or .MP3 file. Your.MP3 file should be tiny enough to send via email too if you need to send around various people for approval or to get sign off via email. 

All voice-over demos on Markhallvoice are up to date. Over time voice-overs change but you can be assured that you will receive the same voice-over sound and tone you hear on the website. We re record and update the voice-over demos regularly.

If you need further voice-overs, younger or older, male, female and even some international. Have a look on the voice-over demo page of our sister webpage It goes with out saying that any advice or help you may need just drop us an email and if you need further production assistance or help you'll find that over on The Audio Creator too!

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